End of Year Hard Drive Clearance

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Hard Drive Clean Up

Its that time of the year again, end of the year and as things slow down a bit I take time to clear out the ole hard drive to make room for next year. Now I dont actually delete anything but files do get moved off of the main drives, which are backed up every which way, and put on secondary drives that are not always connected and not backed up. So at this time every year I offer those with older sessions a chance to buy their ‘negatives’ if they wish.

So at this time till Dec 31st if you had a session Dec 2012 or prior you may purchase your digital files at a deep discount. Files as is (if they have been previously touched up then thats what you get otherwise no touch ups) will be $10 each, or if you would like them touched up first they are $25 each. No disks or thumb drives, all files will be emailed or placed in my Dropbox for you to download.

If interested please send me an email to info@cosmicfrogsphotography.com and I will get your gallery(s) up online for you to order your files. I have most sessions going back to 2009 but there are no guarantees.